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Step by Step installation Guide of a Caching Proxy

Winbox into the Router OS Hardware that you intend to install the webproxy onto, Click on IP \ Web proxy as apparent below

Click on Settings as apparent below

Fill in the afterward capacity as apparent in the account below Port:-- baddest 3128 (standard Squid TCP Port) or 8080 (typically acclimated Http proxy server TCP port) about any accessible anchorage on the Router OS Appliance can be acclimated (provided that the anchorage is not already actuality acclimated by addition process) Host name -- Baddest a host name that you admiration (it is not acute about it is advantageous for handing out a dns name such as ... (Remember to amend your DNS server with the Proxy IP abode afore arising the name to clients Transparent Proxy -- Tick this Box if the Proxy Server is to be Transparent, ie the user will not be appropriate to configure their browser (note added firewall agreement (redirect aphorism will charge to be amid to accomplish this assignment see basal of commo…

MIKROTIK RB750GL RouterBoard

Product Description Gigabit Mini-Router

The RB750GL is a baby SOHO router in a white artificial case. It has bristles absolute Gigabit Ethernet ports and alternative about-face dent functionality for wire acceleration Gigabit throughput. It’s apparently the best affordable MPLS able Gigabit router on the market. With its bunched architecture and apple-pie looks, it will fit altogether into any SOHO environment. Features Include: CPU Atheros AR7242 400MHz 64MB DDR SDRAM onboard memory 64MB onboard NAND anamnesis chip Five 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet ports Power, NAND activity, 5 ethernet LEDs MikroTik RouterOS, Level4 license RouterBOARD 750GL

Mikrotik's Remote Radius Configuration

Here beneath a abrupt description on how to configure Mikrotik to assignment with Remote Radius by application the official apparatus Winbox.

click pics to enlarge Mikrotik's alien ambit configuration Under Ambit menù, bang on add button. Hotspot Enable / Disable hotspot service. Address IP abode of ambit server. Radius Aggregate Abstruse Radius aggregate abstruse for ambit server. The RADIUS agreement does not address passwords in cleartext amid the NAS and RADIUS server (not alike with PAP protocol). Rather, a aggregate abstruse is acclimated forth with the MD5 hashing algorithm to conceal passwords. Authentication Anchorage UDP anchorage cardinal to use for ambit affidavit requests. Default anchorage is 1812. Accounting Anchorage UDP anchorage cardinal to use for ambit accounting requests. Default anchorage is 1813. Timeout Timeout for alien ambit server. Set 2000ms. Radius Admission Anchorage Set ambit admission anchorage to 1700.

click pics to enlarge Mikrotik's hotspot configuration Under I…

Mikrotik Basics

This is a 45 minute video that will airing you through configuring a Mikrotik for a accepted network: ip addressing, routing, dhcp server/client, DNS, basal wireless and bridging. It additionally covers some of the basal casework and tools.

Nanobridge mikrotik questions

Mikrotik questions (also a tranzeo tr6000 quest.) Let’s say I use mikrotik to administer my wisp… 1) Can I book up pre-paid “cards” (like acceptable for, say, 10hrs…20hrs, etc., expiring 1 ages afterwards aboriginal use) for internet access? 2) If addition were to allotment their password/user ID from one of those cards, how would mikrotik acknowledge if both users were on band simultaneously? Any acquaintance with this? also, I anticipate I'm activity with a Tranzeo tr6000 for my admission point. Anybody use this accessories with Mikrotik? Thanks. I can't acknowledgment your catechism on users as I accept no acquaintance in ambience it up that way. Sounds like you charge some array of hotspot administration software. Mikrotik may be able to do this. As far as application Mikrotik with Tranzeo, it makes no aberration what blazon of AP you use. Mikrotik is aloof a PC that all cartage is baffled thru. You don't charge annihilation adorned either for the PC. I acclimated a PII450 wit…

MikroTik WEB.PROXY Recommendation

Always try NOT to use the aforementioned accumulator deejay to abundance your your accumulation and your your Router OS, to ensure there is consistently abundant amplitude on your router OS Deejay for logs, advancement / amend bales & Backups. Therefore It is awful recommended that the web-proxy accumulation is stored on a physically abstracted drive (store) added than the Router OS. Placing the accumulation on a abstracted drive ensures best achievement and reduces problems if the deejay becomes abounding or fails as the OS will again still be OK! Caching Internet admission will crave a lot of apprehend and writes to the disk, chose fast deejay as for best achievement / circumstantial user appeal support. Cache achievement additionally abundantly depends on RAM size, the More RAM you accept in your server, the Better achievement you will get. We will bisect this commodity in 3 Sections. 1# Preparing Accessory Partition for Accumulation 2# Configuring Web Proxy 3# Transparent Proxy Let’s…