Winbox version 2.2.16 has the following features

Winbox adaptation 2.2.16 has the afterward features.

Mirotik RouterOS Winbox Screen Shot

Winbox adaptation 2.2.16 has the afterward features;
Discover MikroTik Routers /Switches /Appliances in yourcomputers subnet
Connect to the MikroTik apparatus application IP /layer 3 connection
Connect to the MikroTik apparatus application Ethernet /Mac /layer 2 connection
Connections to the MikroTik apparatus can be encrypted for added security
Quick Alpha Guide
1. Affix your Windows computer anon to the router with an Ethernet cable, or affix them throught a switch.
2. Run Winbox affairs (Download from above), again bang the [...] button.
3. The Winbox apparatus should acquisition your Router anddisplay it's MAC address. * (If not see some troubleshooting below)
4. Bang on the mac abode allotment of the trext in the browse window. This will bulk the mac abode into the affix to argument box.
5. Press Affix and the Winbox GUI interface will be loaded up.
6. It is consistently appropriate to configure an IP abode on the interface you are affiliated to on. Once you accept a accurate ip abode on the router that is attainable by your PC you should abutting bottomward Winbox and reconnect by entering the IP abode into the conect to box in in the Winbox loader rather than the Mac abode that you origionally connnected. the acumen for this is whe affiliated via the Mac band advice is agitated out via broacast traffic. This is a actual capricious adjustment and may account unexected disconnects from time to time. Back you affix via an IP abode you will accept a added stabe TCP router affiliation to the router.
* TroubleShooting
If the router is not assuming up back you bang the [...] button the afterward may be why:
1) Your Windows firewall may be blocking the Mac Broadcasting - Try axis off your firewall both the windows or any added commericial one that you may accept installed, and or try abacus winbox to the barring account in your firewall
The aloft is a tempory fix as it is adisable to configure your firewall to acquiesce the winbox apparatus to work.
2) Another accessible botheration is if you are affiliated throught a managed about-face that has advertisement storm ascendancy appearance it may be appropriate to relax the advertisement beginning on the about-face as a about-face may aberration the ample bulk of advertisement traffis as a misconfigured arrangement and alpha to block the traffic