How to use external open source caching server

Sometimes admin appetite to ascendancy users HTTP requests through custmized ACL's or added scripts.
Mikrotik can be acclimated as PPPoE server area all PPPoE or audience on arrangement are affiliated with Mikrotik anon through LAN.
Mikrotik with 3 interfaces
LAN (for clients)
WAN (for Internet)
eth1 (for Squid)

Mikrotik simple view

501 (1).JPG

501 (2).JPG

501 (3).JPG


Squid accept 2 blazon of networks
LAN IP Abode after any aperture or avenue address.
Just for LAN connectivity with Mikrotik eth1 with IP Address
PPPoE conection for Internet through Mikrotik 'but' altered IP Abode (normal audience IP abode

    501 (4).jpg

    Internet setup for Squid

    501 (5).JPG

    501 (6).JPG

    Squid Internet access is working

    501 (4).jpg

    Time to avenue audience cartage to abode with audience on IP's with range
    Disable NAT ( IP / Firewall / NAT / masquerade srcnat
    When accustomed applicant appeal for Internet to Mikrotik again Mikrotik all LAN arrangement passthrow to Squid absolute after any delay.

    501 (7).jpg

    501 (8).JPG

    501 (9).JPG

    501 (10).JPG

    Example: Any appeal from arrangement (with acquisition mark client), Mikrotik avenue this appeal to, and if addition arrangement appeal again Mikrotik avenue this appeal to WAN avenue

    501 (11).JPG

    Complete final view

    501 (12).jpg

    but how to configure squid ?