How To Monitor Traffic Bandwidth With Mikrotik

This is an action to adviser the cartage which is done by the user in the use of a connection. Incidentally bygone there was one acquaintance who asked how to see / ecology users who are application boundless bandwidth on the appointment by application mikrotik?
By application Mikrotik, we can adviser the breeze of packets based on agreement type, antecedent address, destination abode and anchorage types. With this ability has been provided at Packet System, back we install RouterOS, it is easier for us in the administering of the router, out of this facility, we can acquaint whether the abstracts breeze in the apparatus we're accustomed or not. Adviser the accident of flooding, adviser malware activities and so on.
Using it is adequately easy, usually to be added adequate in Monitoring, amuse enabled via Winbox, to get into the Router. Added capacity can be apparent the account below.
Facilities Torch can be acclimated with Winbox the Tools card - Torch. Amuse Click the Torch, the Torch will be apparent a window

Or Can additionally via IP - ARP. In the ARP List window, amuse called IP address, MAC abode will be in the Monitor. Right-click to access the Torch.

Note, the items independent in these windows Torch, the chiral acutely declared aloft accept been accustomed advice on these items. Click the Start button to actuate this Torch. Now we can adviser the breeze of packets on Router machine. If there are any apprehensive cartage amuse booty added action.

In the account above, I adviser the breeze of cartage from the IP Abode (Src Address) through LAN Interface. If you notice, there is a anchorage on the Src anchorage 514 (syslog) agreement blazon UDP (17) to get IP Abode (Dst Address), and absolutely I'm alive Syslog Daemon on Windows XP PC Remote Mikrotik router to abundance logs, on the PC that has the IP abode, with a router that has an IP abode remotenya, alive in the anchorage 514 (UDP). We can accept the antecedent abode (Src Address) to the Client will we monitor, accept the port, destination address, and Protocols.