How to Configurations Mikrotik Router (step by step)

Mikrotik Router - Footfall By Footfall Basal Configurations
This commodity explains how to configure Mikrotik accessory Router beeline out of the box. It goes through the Winbox agreement account and some of the basal bureaucracy procedures to about-face your MikroTik accessory into a home or appointment wireless and active router.
well In this tutorial we'll go through a footfall by footfall adviser to accomplish it as simple as accessible to apprentice and apparatus these settings on your own routers.
These 4 Steps beneath are what we activity to apprentice and bureaucracy for the beginning:
Downloading and active winbox
Setting an character on the router
Setting an IP abode on the router
Setting a password
Downloading and active winbox
Winbox is the graphical agreement account advised for MikroTik RouterOS. It is a baby appliance that can be downloaded from the MikroTik website at htttp:// Once you download winbox it can be run beeline away, as no accession is required. It does about back running, bureaucracy a cardinal of folders in your appliance abstracts binder in adjustment to save login abstracts and plugins. This is cellophane to the user but advantageous to be aware, in adjustment to analyze problems and additionally accept the aegis implications of extenuative acute login advice in the utility.
Setting an character on the router
Download the most recent Winbox Agreement Tool beneath the Tools and Utilities area at and abode it to you desktop.
Double bang on the Winbox figure on your desktop.
Click on System card account again on the Identy sub card as in the angel below.

4 The Identity chat will accessible as in angel below. Remove the absence "Mikrotik" amount and alter it with article acceptation full. Usually the area of the router combiened with its purpose acts as a acceptable Identity for your router.

Setting an IP abode on the router
To configure your Router IP Address
Click IP >> Addresses on the larboard card in winbox as apparent in angel below.

This will accessible the Abode account chat window as apparent below. Click on the red additional button to accessible the add IP abode window.

When the New IP abode chat opens access the abode capacity baddest an interface to set the adress on and columnist administer and OK button.

For advice on what IP settings to use amuse see a basal tutorial in IP Networking. But aloof to explain one or two credibility about this dialog...
It is best to annul an abode absolutely instead of alteration it, as I begin that it a cleaner way of alteration an abode as to adapt arrangement or advertisement options can sometimes not administer 100% properly.
You accept an advantage of entering the arrangement and advertisement abode absolutely in the boxes provided or is you adopt you can use the abbreviate carve characters and columnist the administer button, this will abide the advertisement and arrangement boxes with the actual settings.
Setting a countersign for Mikrotik
This tutorial demonistrates how to set the countersign of the accepted Mikrotik Winbox user.
Click on the card account as apparent below
System >> Password

This will open the password dialog box as shown below.

Enter the old or accepted countersign followed by the fresh countersign that you ambition to use.
If this is your aboriginal time logging into the router or the router is on branch settings the Old countersign box should be aloof larboard blank. As the absence username and countersign is admin and no password.