Hotspot Server Setup with Profiles

Hotspot Server Bureaucracy with Profiles
In this commodity i will awning how to bureaucracy HOTSPOT Server with altered profiles.
First we will configure interface that is affiliated to WAN.
/ ip abode add address= network= broadcast= interface=ether1
Now one interface is configured and affiliated to WAN (with ip Now we will configure additional interface for our Local Network.
/ ip abode add address= network= broadcast= interface=ether2
Now we accept both our interfaces configured and working. Next we will bureaucracy our Mikrotik ROS as a DNS Server as it is a actual acceptable convenance for ambience up a DNS server. Goto IP > DNS again columnist Settings button and ample in the adapted advice as per provided by your ISP, back done baddest the "ALLOW REMOTE REQUEST" band (it will acquiesce requests from your cleints to be processed).


Now we will bureaucracy a absence ROUTE. Goto IP > Routes, columnist the additional sign. Leave the destination acreage as it is, in the GATEWAY acreage access the IP Address of the GATEWAY of you WAN interface.


Now we will bureaucracy our HOTSPOT Server. Goto IP > Hotspot, in the server tab you will see a button "Hotspot Setup" columnist it. A fresh window will popup allurement you on which interface you appetite to bureaucracy HOTSPOT, actuality baddest the interface that is affiliated to bounded arrangement (in our archetype it is ether2). Columnist NEXT.


In footfall 2 it will ask you the IP of the server, by absence it will ascertain the IP which is set on the interface that we called in footfall 1. Just columnist NEXT
In footfall 3 it will ask you the IP ambit that will be acclimated by the DHCP server for accouterment IP's to clients. Here you can adapt the IP range, accomplish abiding that it should be adequate by SERVER. You can access and abatement the breadth of the IP range. When done columnist NEXT
In footfall 4 it will ask you to baddest any affidavit that will be acclimated by the server. Baddest NONE and columnist NEXT.


In footfall 5 it will as you to ascertain the SMTP Server, if you accept any. I dont accept any SMTP Server bureaucracy with me so i aloof larboard it as it was ( Press NEXT.


In footfall 6 it will as you your DNS Server's IP Address. This was the aboriginal assignment that we finished. So Here no charge to change any thing. Just PRESS NEXT.
In footfall 7 it will as you to ascertain a name your server, by which audience will be able to admission the HOTSPOT login/information folio through web browsers. Setup what anytime you appetite and columnist NEXT.


Now the aftermost step. To actualize a user. By absence it creates a user admin with no password. Here you can set the countersign and user name for the absence user. Change the ethics if you appetite and columnist NEXT


Your Hotspot server is accessible and configured. Now if you recieve a bulletin adage Router Disconnected, dont anguish its aloof the aegis of HOTSPOT. First login to the HOTSPOT with user name and countersign that you created in STEP 8. Now afresh accessible the WINBOX and afresh goto IP > Hotspot.
Now we will do some changes in the absence settings to accomplish our HOTSPOT assignment in a added good way.
In the Server TAB you will now see a server will be assuming up by the name "hotspot1", bifold bang it and change the amount "Address per MAC" to 1, for added security.


You will see a LOGIN tab in the aforementioned window, and accomplish abiding that alone "HTTP CHAP" is called in the Login By section. Now APPLY and OK.


Now we will actualize a fresh User Profile. Goto User Profile TAB, columnist the Plus Sign, name it what anytime you want. Select the IP Pool, hotspot creates a basin by absence with the IP Range that we set during the HOTSPOT Server Setup. Now we will set the Download and Upload Bandwidth restriction. in the Rate Absolute (tx/rx) set the absolute (i accept set it to 512k up/down). Now columnist APPLY and OK.


Now we will actualize a fresh user that will use the contour that we aloof created. Goto Users TAB in the aforementioned window. Press the additional sign, Baddest the specific server or Baddest ALL. Set the User Name and Password for the user. In the Contour Filed baddest the contour that we created in the antecedent step. Press APPLY and OK.


Your HOTSPOT Server is configured and running. Now analysis it.
Article by Mudasir Mirza