General Parameters for WinBox

General Parameters for WinBox.
The MikroTik RouterOS can be configured remotely, application Telnet, SSH, WinBox Animate or Webbox. In this chiral we will altercate how to use the alternate WinBox console.
The Winbox animate is acclimated for accessing the MikroTik Router agreement and administration features, application graphical user interface (GUI).
All Winbox interface functions are as abutting as accessible to Animate functions: all Winbox functions are absolutely in the aforementioned bureaucracy in Terminal Animate and carnality versa (except functions that are not implemented in Winbox). That is why there are no Winbox sections in the manual.
The Winbox Animate plugin loader, the winbox.exe program, can be retrieved from the MikroTik router, the URL ishttp://router_address/winbox/winbox.exe Use any web browser on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP or Linux to retrieve the winbox.exeexecutable book from Router. If your router is not accurately configured, you can additionally blazon in the web-browser aloof http://router_address
The Winbox plugins are buried on the bounded deejay for anniversary MikroTik RouterOS version. The plugins are not downloaded, if they are in the cache, and the router has not been upgraded back the aftermost time it has been accessed.
Starting the Winbox Console
When abutting to the MikroTik router via http (TCP anchorage 80 by default), the router's Welcome Page is displayed in the web browser:
By beat on the Winbox articulation you can alpha the winbox.exe download. Choose Open to alpha the Winbox loader affairs (you can additionally save this affairs to your bounded disk, and run it from there)
The winbox.exe affairs opens the Winbox login window.
  • discovers and shows MNDP (MikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol) or CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) devices.
  • logs on to the router by defined IP abode (and the anchorage cardinal if you accept afflicted it from the absence amount of 80) or MAC Abode (if the router is in the aforementioned subnet), user name, and password.

  • saves the current sessions to the list (to run them, just double-click on an item).

  • removes selected item from the list.

  • removes all items from the list, clears cache on the local disk, imports addresses from wbx file or exports them to wbx file.
  • Secure Mode
    provides aloofness and abstracts candor amid WinBox and RouterOS by agency of TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.
    Keep Password
    Saves countersign as a apparent argument on a bounded adamantine drive. Warning: autumn passwords in apparent argument allows anybody with admission to your files to apprehend the countersign from there.
The Winbox Console of the router:
The Winbox Console uses TCP port 8291. After logging onto the router you can work with the MikroTik router's configuration through the Winbox console and perform the same tasks as using the regular console.
Overview of Common Functions
You can use the menu bar to navigate through the router's configuration menus, open configuration windows. By double clicking on some list items in the windows you can open configuration windows for the specific items, and so on.
There are some hints for using the Winbox Console:
  • To open the required window, simply click on the corresponding menu item

  • Add a new entry

  • Remove an existing entry

  • Enable an item

  • Disable an item

  • Make or edit a comment

  • Refresh a window

  • Undo an action

  • Redo an action

  • Logout from the Winbox Console



  • Can I run WinBox on Linux?
  • Yes, you can run WinBox and connect to RouterOS, using Wine
  • I cannot open the Winbox Console
    Check the port and address for www service in /ip service print list. Make sure the address you are connecting from matches the network you've specified in address field and that you've specified the correct port in the Winbox loader. The command /ip service set www port=80 address= will change these values to the default ones so you will be able to connect specifying just the correct address of the router in the address field of Winbox loader
  • The Winbox Console uses TCP port 8291. Make sure you have access to it through the firewall.