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How get access to MikroTik router

The animate is acclimated for accessing the MikroTik Router's agreement and administration appearance application argument terminals. Back you affix to MikroTik router you can to configure it, change and verify configuration, get statistics and added advantageous information. There are altered means to do this, routers that accept consol anchorage can set up agreement application this port. RouterBOARDs whom haven’t consecutive consol, usually comes from branch with pre-configured IP abode on one of interface accordingly can be configured through a network. Many of routerBOARDs accept consecutive animate anchorage available, so absolutely often, aboriginal agreement is installed application this interface. For abutting through consol anchorage can be acclimated assorted terminal appetite programs, for archetype HyperTerminal for windows OS and minicom for Unix-like OS. The consecutive anchorage agreement is set by absence to: Bits per additional = 115200 bit/s Data $.25 = 8 Parity = …