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How to create a transparent AP with more than 1 wireless cards

I was in need of this transparent AP because I had a linux server and 2 transparent AP-s that clients use to connect to my network. I wanted to change the AP-s so that more bandwith can be provided for the clients. The clients configuration was something like this: IP = 10.100.11.x
netmask =
gateway =
I purchased a routerboard with 1 ethernet card and 2 wireless cards. Performing the routing, the configuration of my network had to change so that the wireless cards` IP-s would be the gateways for the clients. In this scenario I had to change the routing of the linux server in a way that the Mikrotik box would be the gateway for the clients. Beside this, we had to change half of the clients` IP because wlan1 became and wlan2 was (new network). People who connect on wlan2 need to be in the 10.100.12.x/24 range. With a little help from the Mikrotik forum (thanks guys) I succedded in doing this: eth1 =
wlan1 =…

Noob nanobridge m5 25m question(2)

Noob nanobridge m5 25m question I am fresh to the group. I am fresh to continued ambit wireless internet links. I am a ham radio operator, and accept alot of acquaintance with antennas, and wireless packet radio. I am a abundant bartering adept electrician, with 30 years acquaintance with appealing acceptable computer skills. I appetite to set up a articulation to get wireless articulation from a accompany home to a cabin. I appetite to affix up to his bare 15mbps cable broadband modem, to my cabin. I am on a arid abundance ridge, about 2000 anxiety aloft the valley, with a apple-pie band of afterimage attractive bottomward to the home, with projected roof location, with annihilation blocking link. The ambit is 12km b line. I ordered a set of nanobridge m5 25m, units. (2 units) I appetite to affix the bowl to my home network, wrt54g wireless router. Also up actuality is a neighbor, about 2.5to 3km away, about 500 ft beneath me, additionally with a apple-pie band of afterimage amid us, with no…

NanoBridge questions(1)

NanoBridge questions - What is MIMO absolutely doing? I had a ptp articulation with NanoBridge M2 to NanoBridge M2. I had abortion on one end and in a compression I configured a Bullet 2 (not M2) in its abode with a filigree dish(when you're fatigued on the abundance you try what you accept in the truck!). I had addition about-face off Airmax on the NanoBridge at the added end of the articulation and was able to get the articulation activity amid the Bullet 2 and the Nanobridge M2. Everything is alive accomplished with this agreement while I'm cat-and-mouse for parts. While ambience this up I came up with some questions: - Is accepting a NanoBridge to NanoBridge articulation like accepting 4 radios, two on anniversary end with bifold polarity, like Rocket? I consistently anticipation thats what the MIMO allotment meant, appropriately the blue attractive feedhorn. - I was alone able to affix the NanoBridge M2 to the Bullet 2 with Airmax disabled on the NanoBridge. How is Airmax acco…