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nano bridge Setting up a Simple Point to Point Link

This video shows how to set up a simple bridged point to point articulation application Ubiquiti M Series devices.

powerful device for Point to Point connection

Causes of low signals in NanoBridge M5 NanoBridge M5 is a complete able accent for Point to Point connection, abnormally acclimated for Aerial Tranfer bulk consumers. Maximum Ambit it can appointment is 50KM conditioning that the bandage of afterimage amidst the two point are clear. Causes The Server armpit is installed on a low ambit and the appellant end is on the aerial side. Use Google Earth “Ruler” accoutrement to actually point the breadth amidst two Bridges. If Nano Bridge is installed in the City, afresh achieve constant the bandage of afterimage is ablaze (Although you cannot see the added end accent from beastly eye but you allegation to complete the accent according to the Google Earth Tool)

Routing problems with rocket m5 and nano bridge m5

Hello Everyone Your advice will be awful accepted with follwing absorbed diagram. Please note: Static Route has already been set on the ADSL Modem Router as follows: First one Destination = Netmask= Gateway: Second one Destination = Netmask= Gateway: Further Information: I am able to ping every AP device(nanobridges and rocket) , all PCs as able-bodied as the ADSL Modem Router. The Problem: However, the botheration is PC 1 is able to admission the internet and yet PC 2 and PC 3 can't admission the internet but back I ping PC 1 or any added accessory affix I am accepting a succeful response. Anyone attentive abetment with the aloft problem. Thanks Attachments: