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Nanobridge Ubiquiti Setup Instructions

Note – these instructions apply to both Rocket and Nanobridge products Setting up Wireless Links Setting up a wireless link needs a little bit of knowledge about wireless and about computer systems. To cover all of it in one ‘simple’ document means information will be missing, but the information below is enough to get Wireless units up and running. It’s divided into four sections: 1. Computer networks and ‘IP addresses’ 2. Wireless networking 3. How to change IP addresses on a PC active XP, Vista or Wins 7, and on a wireless device 4. Ambience up Ubiquiti units in Arch and Access Point/Client Modes You can skip any breadth absolutely if you already apperceive about it. 1. Computer networks and ‘IP addresses’ If you apperceive what an IP abode is, what anatomy it takes and why it charge be a altered number, skip this breadth completely. This breadth applies to PCs on a arrangement – i.e. any PC that talks to addition device somewhere else. A distinct home PC affiliated to the internet is allotment o…

Ubiquiti Networks Nanostation M5 install.

A absolutely abbreviate and accepted video assuming the area and ambit of a wireless arrangement arch I did for a applicant actuality in Vernon, B.C. Sorry annihilation absolutely too amazing or abstruse actuality in this video, but at atomic shows the ambit these things can go. They can go a lot further alike with added Ubiquiti hardware, but the little nice nanostations assignment actual well. Look at my added video for the unboxing on my channel! Dont balloon to subscribe!

Configuration of Link Point A Point with Nanostation Ubiquiti LocoM5

Detailed Tutorial on How to Configure a Link Point to Point with Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5 by Morph Wifi

Setting up a Simple Point to Point Link By Nano Bridge

This video shows how to set up a simple bridged point to point articulation application Ubiquiti M Series devices