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Of nano Bridge features SKU: UBIQUTI-NANOBRIDGE-M5-25 Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 25dBi Wireless Bridge - Affix two alien locations on the one network - Share Internet affiliation amid buildings, alien sites, etc - Indistinguishable from Ethernet cable - 200mW achievement power, 2x2 MIMO operation, 150Mbps - 25dBi antenna gain - Includes POE injector and 240V AC adapter. High Speed Arrangement Sharing The Ubiquiti NanoBridge is the ideal all-in-one band-aid for bridging networks or administration broadband beyond a actual continued ambit (up to 30km). To install, abode the units at either end of the arrangement and affix both to Ethernet cables - the aboriginal assemblage into your modem/router at area one, and additional into an Ethernet about-face or WiFi admission point at the additional location. This accessories is ideal for administration an Internet affiliation over continued distances, absolute for farms and agronomical facilities. Up to 6 alien barrio can be affiliated over one affiliation …

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Power NANO Bridge M5 Robust, able automated architecture powerbridge packs advocate achievement in a bunched and weatherproof design. advanced antenna technology super-efficient 25dbi dual-polarity arrangement console architecture provides optimum mimo achievement at continued distances. breakthrough wireless performance, airmax & aircontrol support 150+mbps of absolute alfresco throughput and up to 20km+ range. Powerbridge m articles advance ubiquiti's advocate airmax™ tdma agreement enabling scalable, carrier-class ptmp arrangement performance. Additionally, aircontrol™ appliance allows operators to centrally administer 100's of devices.

Rocket M Ultimate in rf achievement the rocket is a rugged, hi-power, actual beeline 2x2 mimo radio with added receiver performance. It appearance absurd ambit achievement (50+km) and advance acceleration (150+mbps absolute tcpi/ip). The accessory was accurately advised for alfresco ptp bridging and ptmp airmax base-station applications. rocket m …

nano Bridge features

Of nano Bridge features

View of the device Rear view The included accessories Nanobridge M5 is an chip band-aid for architecture wireless bridges operating in 5 GHz bandage with the use of 802.11n MIMO 2x2 standard. Thanks to a different construction, NanoBridge M5 offers unparalleled achievement in such a bunched device. The case fabricated of UV aggressive artificial is aggressive to alike the best astringent acclimate conditions. The accessory appearance congenital billow protection. Ubiquiti NanoBridge M5 can accomplish in Router or Bridge mode. Its wireless interface supports Admission Point, Admission Point WDS, Client, and Applicant WDS modes. The accessory is accordant with MikroTik RouterOS platform. AirMax™ TDMA agreement allows for abolishment of "hidden nodes" botheration by allocating for them time slots (TDMA) for collision-free communication. It enables best throughput alike with dozens of applicant stations affiliated to the admission point. Additionally, the inclu…