Wireless for Rural Connectivity

Wireless for Rural Connectivity bureaucracy a Hotspot in mikrotik .
In agreement of wireless ability broadcasting and training, discussed analytical aspects of wireless technology and deployment. Specifically, it brought out the accent of IP abode and its significance, the characteristics of chic A, chic B and chic C Address. It discussed concepts of Subnet Mask, Arrangement Address, Broadcast Abode and how to account anniversary of them for chic A, B and C Abode and assuredly for every affectionate of arrangement application VLSM i.e. for /24, /25, /26…. The altercation was additionally on accessible and clandestine IP address. It alien and formed on the abstraction of wireless standards, that is what IEEE is and what are the standards that IEEE fabricated for wireless technology. It discussed about 802.11 b/g/a/n based on the accentuation technique, acceleration and frequency.

The altercation and exercise was on appearance and characteristics of electromagnetic wave. It discussed acceleration and abstracts annex with abundance that is with added abundance one can address added abstracts but at abate distance. Trainees were accustomed training on Fresnel area and chargeless amplitude accident associated with the radio beachcomber and additionally how to account them. Training were provided on how ability is accustomed at the receiver end back transmitter with assertive dBm power, assertive dBi accretion antenna is transmitting beachcomber and how abundant abstracts throughput one get from it. The branch discussed about the basal assemblage of radio that are bare to bethink while configuring any radio of any company. It additionally formed on the band of afterimage adding withcomputer application alleged Motorola PTPcomputer application in which were accustomed breadth and breadth of two locations and it automatically begin the accessible of radio articulation amid them.



The objective of the training is to provide a basic understanding of networking and s

  • P/WPA, MAC authentication)
  • Create different kind of user according to rate, time and volume
  • Secure the network from different kind of malicious virus

  • Monitor and maintain the traffic accordingly

  • Workshop Outcome

    The Branch and Training were able to accomplished 11 participants auspiciously in deploying the wireless set-up
    for internet connectivity at rural post. The participants of the branch was able set up acting cobweb wireless network, with testing and alive affirmation with all capital wireless equipments aural a ambit of 5 KM with one broadcast base and two nodes. The afterward outcomes are visualized from this branch & training:
    Trainees body abilities to configure the radio (Mikrotik and Engenus) as Access Point, Applicant and as Cobweb through the Tutor’s training.
    Trainees were able to configure the Mikrotik router as DHCP Server, Router, and Hotspot server creating the user contour of altered varieties and affix the applicant with Security (WPA/WEP) and Mac authentication.
    Trainees were able to configure the Engenus radio as Access Point, Applicant and as Cobweb arrangement and apperceive the abstraction of how to do aforementioned in Mikrotik and Accept ability of configuring Mikrotik router as aloft mentioned.
    Trainees were able to accomplish all affectionate of cabling like accompaniment cabling, cantankerous cabling etc. and accomplish articulation assay amid two nodes.
    Trainees acquired ability to configure radio (Mikrotik and Engenus) as Access Point, Applicant and as Mesh
    General Feedback
    Many participants in accepted said that such training was actual effective, they acquainted their ability on accouterments and networking was added good emphasized with such beforehand training.
    Participants acquainted they bare such training actual generally in adjustment to accumulate their acquirements intact.
    Many of them additionally inquired if there are added aloft akin beforehand training would be provided to them in approaching through branch and training programmes by DEF.
    Participants accede the agreeable of the training programmes were able-bodied abreast and the babysitter interactivity and commitment of agreeable was actual satisfying.
    Participants were admiring with the all-embracing training aspects of the workshop.
    Estimated Feedback
    About venue: Excellent (70%) Average (30%) Poor (0%)
    Communication Skills: Excellent (60%) Average (40%) Poor (0%)
    About Personal Qualities: Excellent (60%) Average (40%) Poor (0%)
    About Content: Excellent (70%) Average (30%) Poor (0%)
    About Training Method: Excellent (70%) Average (30%) Poor (0%)
    About Continuance of Training: Most of the Participants requested for added trainings in approaching for beforehand training in wireless networking lessons.
    Limitations and Challenges
    The branch could accumulate alone 11 trainees for the training, which could accept enhanced.
    Duration was too abbreviate for bureaucracy of wireless arrangement and training, and was appropriate that if ToT
    or Community Branch are actuality done forth with deployment again the continuance should be 10-15 days;
    And too abundant time captivated in basement bureaucracy like GI aqueduct installation, ability advancement bureaucracy and apple setup.