Wireless Bridge two different subnets using 2 Ubiqiti NanoBridge M5

I accept two wireless Ubiqiti NanoBridge M5’s and am aggravating to configure a arch to assignment on two altered subnets.
Building A has a subnet of 10.1.1.x.
I assigned NanoBridge A with
Building B is on subnet 10.1.10.x
I don’t apperceive what to accredit NanoBridge B to be able to assignment correctly.
I charge advice in how to configure the IP address\ Subnet on the Ubiqiti devices. I accept two barrio anniversary with it's own subnet.
Building A is on subnet 10.1.1.x
Building B is on Subnet 10.1.10.x.
My catechism is how do i configure the Ubitiqi accessories arrangement information. Do I set one up with and the added Or do I set a VLan, IP abode alias or ???
In a baby allowance I can get them to allocution to anniversary added aloof accomplished if they are both on the aforementioned subnet.
NanoBridge A and NanoBridge B assignment flawlessly.
How do I configure them to assignment on two altered subnets on the aforementioned domain?
Thank you so abundant for any information.
Typically you'd set them up as a WDS Arch and they'll act as a band 2 about-face - so if you appetite them on abstracted subnets you'd charge one end or the added to do the acquisition amid the two networks. They do accept the adeptness to do some acquisition if you charge but that's apparently more good larboard to your added networking equipment.
Before I booty the time to busy on anniversary of the options, do you appetite to amusement this as a accustomed PTP articulation and use a router, or what accessories do you accept at your auctioning to handle the acquisition amid subnets? Or do you charge the radios to do that?
So If I leave the Capital architecture subnet on both accessories the aforementioned it should act as a band 2 switch? For archetype the capital architecture (A) is on subnet and I should leave the accessories at and When I bung in Device with to architecture (B) with subnet it should acquaint aloof fine?
the two radios should allocution aloof accomplished - but you'll charge some adjustment of acquisition amid the 10.1.1.x and 10.1.10.x networks.
Confirm the settings two - depending on firmware they're a little different, but for Approach you appetite Bridge; one will be Access Point and one will be Client; about with 40Mhz channels, Airmax on or off is optional; usually recommended off for a PTP (it helps with multipoint links) and if you see WDS accredit that - on some firmwares it's a analysis box, and on others it's allotment of the Access Point and Base bead bottomward lists.
Make abiding you accept acquisition ample out admitting because if you aloof bung it in as a L2 switch, you'll end up with both networks intermingled, no way to allocution amid the two, and applicant accessories acquainted into the alien end can end up accepting DHCP addresses from either network.
Think of it this way - with those active as a L2 bridge, it's like you aloof ran a cable amid the two switches; it aloof so happens either end of the cable has a managment interface appropriately the IP address.
Thanks ToddB123, I do accept them in Arch mode. (no WDS options though). One is set to Access point the added to base mode. I anticipate the acquisition would accept to be done on the Cisco switches that anniversary of the radios will bung into. I'll accept to verify with our Cisco guy. Thanks for your input. I acknowledge the laymens terms.
No prob at all; I accept a consulting biz on the ancillary and do a lot with Ubiquiti accessory - I'm about an hour abroad if you guys charge some alfresco help.
Look afterpiece for the WDS options - it's on the wireless tab aloof beneath the bead bottomward if you accept the newest firmware - you'll appetite that on for both ends.