What is the meaning of RouterOS

The RouterOS is MikroTik’s stand-alone operating arrangement based on linux 2.6 kernel. That runs on all MikroTik’s RouterBOARD accessories and can additionally be installed on a PC. RouterOScomputer application provides all all-important appearance for router: routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless admission point, user administration and more.
RouterOS supports multi-core and multi-CPU computers (SMP). You can run it on the most recent Intel motherboards and use the newest multicore CPUs as able-bodied as RouterOS abutment accession on IDE, SATA and USB accumulator devices, this includes HDDs, CF and SD cards, SDD disks and more. You charge at atomic 64MB of amplitude to install RouterOS, which will architecture your allotment and become the absence operating arrangement of the device. RouterOS has accountant and authorization can be acclimated alone in one system. You can apprehend added about MikroTik licenses