Step by Step build a VPN Server with RouterOS

VPN is a VPN Virtual Private Arrangement which is an commutual arrangement (PC Client to LAN or LAN to LAN) which interconnect with the Public arrangement (Internet) so that there is a affiliation to the VPN is buried alias alley or Tunneling Affiliation so that abstracts is accessed (data is beatific and received) is absolutely safe.
Here’s an archetype architecture of VPN that connects LAN to LAN amid cities:

Here is an archetype of a VPN Server Design of Real Implementation or activity that I was alive to affix the LAN to LAN:
Here’s an archetype architecture of VPN Server accessed by a user from alfresco the appointment via internet access. This architecture abstraction is accepted and developed as MOBILE WORKING alive from alfresco the appointment but we are in the File Data Server which are in office. Included additionally advance the absolute ability in the arrangement to acquaint with the appointment and cadre in the office. For example, for appointment and Decision of the bang-up in the office.
1. After we get the accessible IP abode of the provider (, again we will configure PPP -> PPTP SERVER. (Point To Point Tunneling Protocol).
2. We actualize a New Interface PPTP Server. Not charge to set anything, anon wrote bang “OK”.
3. We actualize IP Pool, or a accumulation of IP addresses that will be created to admeasure a IP Address to a VPN Client per-user that will be affiliated to the VPN server Mikrotik us. In accession to application the IP Pool, we can additionally accommodate per-user IP addresses one at a time. But if the cardinal of VPN Client it a lot again this is the appropriate way for us to do. How: Click the IP -> POOL.
4. From the card IP -> Pool, again actualize a New IP Pool. For example, we accept allocated the IP Address: – and we accord the name of the vpn-client.
5. Next we see that we created IP Pool has formed out well.
6. Next we actualize a contour with the name of the VPS-VPN. Local Address is the IP Address that is acclimated as a VPN Gateway by Mikrotik (the IP Address Mikrotik LAN). Remote Address is the IP Address that will be accustomed to anniversary Client and the VPN IP Address is articular and acquaint with added PC.
7. Next we bang PPTP SERVER. Option that determines PPTP SERVER affection works what does not in our Mikrotik. Enable / analysis mark checkmark “ENABLE” and baddest the Default contour that we created on the sixth step.
8. The abutting footfall is to actualize a VPN user in the card tab “SECREET”. Setting Username, Password, Service: PPTP and VPS-VPN Profile as apparent below:
Done.. !
By : thinkxfree