Nanobridge winbox Questions and answers(1)

What do you anticipate of WinBox?
I like winbox. It provides a adult GUI for the RouterOS operating system. It allows the users to accomplish access via FTP, telnet, and SSH.what the recommended affection is that winbox will assure your internet by blocking the additional abettor which was detected to accept altered TTL.
How can I bound clarify out routes?
Here is how to clarify out routes. Open up the avenue list.
Step 1. Columnist Sort button, which was a “filler”like button.
Step 2. On the aboriginal dropdown box, accept Dst.Address.
Step 3. On the additional dropdown box, "in" agency that clarify will analysis if dst abode amount is in ambit of defined network. Access arrangement adjoin which ethics will be compared (for example, access "")
Step 4.choose buttons to add or abolish addition clarify to the stack. Columnist Clarify button to administer our filter.
As you can see from screenshot winbox sorted out alone routes that are aural range.
Winbox allows to body assemblage of filters. For archetype if there is a charge to clarify by destination abode and gateway, then
Step 1 set aboriginal clarify as declared in archetype above,
Step 2 columnist [+] button to add addition clarify bar in stack.
Step 3 set up additional clarify to clarify by gateway
Step 4 columnist Clarify button to administer filters.
Step 5 You can additionally abolish accidental clarify from the assemblage by acute [-] button.
How to accredit Detail mode?
In Detail mode, all ambit are displayed in columns, aboriginal cavalcade is constant name, additional cavalcade is parameter's value.
To accredit detail approach adapted abrasion bang on the account account and from the popupmenu aces Detail mode.
What's the command band to canyon affix to user and countersign ambit automatically?
winbox.exe [ [ []]]
For example:
winbox.exe admin
This will affix to router with username "admin"without password.
What's "[...]" in winbox screen?what does it use for?
[...] is acclimated to discovers and shows MNDP (MikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol) or CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) devices.
More Description of those buttons:
Connect - it's accessible to understand. it's acclimated to Affix to the router.
Save - to save address, login, countersign and note. Adored entries are listed at the basal of loader window.
Remove - to abolish called access from adored list
Tools... - Allows to run assorted tools: removes all items from the list, clears accumulation on the bounded disk, imports addresses from wbx book or exports them to wbx file.
Connect To: - destination IP or MAC abode of the router
Login - username acclimated for authentication
Password - countersign acclimated for authentication
Keep Countersign - if unchecked, countersign is not adored to the list
Secure Approach - if checked, winbox will use TLS encryption to defended session
Load Previous Session - if checked, winbox will try to restore all ahead opened windows.
Can WinBox run on linux?
You charge to install wine amalgamation to your system.You can acquisition the adapted amalgamation and instalation chiral here: . Install it, again download winbox.exe from any of your router and save it in your home agenda (or about abroad if you wish, for archetype in /usr/local/bin/ ). After that, aloof blazon in animate wine /path/to/saved/winbox.exe and get pleasure the aftereffect :). Alternatively, you can actualize a launcher on desktop with the aforementioned command. For me it works accomplished beneath Fedora Core 6.