Nanobridge mikrotik questions

Mikrotik questions (also a tranzeo tr6000 quest.)
Let’s say I use mikrotik to administer my wisp…
1) Can I book up pre-paid “cards” (like acceptable for, say, 10hrs…20hrs, etc., expiring 1 ages afterwards aboriginal use) for internet access?
2) If addition were to allotment their password/user ID from one of those cards, how would mikrotik acknowledge if both users were on band simultaneously?
Any acquaintance with this?
also, I anticipate I'm activity with a Tranzeo tr6000 for my admission point. Anybody use this accessories with Mikrotik?
I can't acknowledgment your catechism on users as I accept no acquaintance in ambience it up that way. Sounds like you charge some array of hotspot administration software. Mikrotik may be able to do this.
As far as application Mikrotik with Tranzeo, it makes no aberration what blazon of AP you use. Mikrotik is aloof a PC that all cartage is baffled thru. You don't charge annihilation adorned either for the PC. I acclimated a PII450 with 256MB and a 6.4Gig HD. 2 arrangement cards. It did bandwidth administration and additionally was a airy proxy server (web cache). The accumulation did advice on acid bottomward bandwidth. I ran about 130 users thru this setup.
Have you played Tradewars today? I absence the old BBS days.
I haven't acclimated it but it sounds like it will do all you need. You can get a chargeless authorization (limited cardinal of users), set up Mikrotik on an old PC, assurance up for the hotspot administrator beta balloon and try it out for nothing.
MT hotspot will not acquiesce added than one user ID to log on simultaneously.
Was apprehensive about press up the pre-paid cards for hotspots as well.
Anyone actuality able to acclaim either one? I was cerebration of these two options for hotspot managment...
1) Pre-paid cards that the chump buys at the adverse of the store/restaurant/whatever
2) Captive aperture that allows the chump to accomplish a username and countersign annual for the arrangement and aloof "Tops up" their time/credits/etc via a acclaim card. This way the username is specific to them and never expires all they accept to do is aloof add time to it.
The additional one is a bit out of the accustomed as to what I've seen, but has anyone anytime approved it or would anticipate it's a acceptable way to go?
reply to cariboo
We use tranzeo AP's and MikroTik-as a cellophane bridge, with abundant results, no issues.
I am currently testing a TR-CPE200-15 with a Mikrotik box acquisition and the TR-CPE 200-15 locks up afterwards 2 days.
OT but actual interesting, as we accept acclimated 2 of these units as aback hauls with a MikroTik-bridge abaft it with all cartage from one AP,,with alone one lock-up in 8 months...
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