nano bridge questions(1)

I charge a arch link, from my abode to my office.
The antenna at my abode should be not apparent , and the antenna at the appointment can be whatever from nice to horrible, dont absolutely care.
I accept band of afterimage amid the two points, the ambit (measured with google apple is aloof a bit added than 3 km. (from my abode I can see the destination application a telescope, but there's one big architecture at right, and added big architecture at the larboard on the way to my office, but i can absolutely see the roof of my office)
Okay, for my house, i would adopt using:
Nanostation M5, back it is nice and discreete.
For the appointment I would use:
Nanobridge M5
I'm assured a throughput of 50 Mbit/s, is this accessible with this combination? will it be stable?, or do I absolutely charge to anticipate about application 2xNanobridge ?
Thank you!
I don't run a WISP or anything, so my acquaintance is rather limited, but I anticipate that should be fine. I'm not abiding what affectionate of speeds you could apprehend though.
I accept a arch with 2x Nanobridge M5-25 accomplishing a 6 km amount with bright band of sight. I'm not abiding why, but it isn't the greatest connection.
From the base side:
Chain 0 / Chain 1:-63 / -79 dBm
Noise Floor:-90 dBm
Transmit CCQ:96.9 %
RX: 32.97 Mbps
TX: 44.62 Mbps
Total: 77.59 Mbps
I accepted a lot added speed, accustomed that bodies get added over best distances all the time application Rocket/RocketDish. I've approved aggregate I can anticipate of to acceleration it up abbreviate of adopting the antennas which isn't account the agitation alike if it works. It is apparently a aggregate of poor aiming and arrest from the bounded WISP which uses the aforementioned Nanobridge M5s for CPEs.
I've additionally set up a lot of bridges with aloof Nanostation Loco M5s and consistently get abundant speeds (like 170 Mbps Total from the bifold acceleration analysis in the web interface). So I apperceive it is possible. The affair is, all of those bridges are out in the average of boilerplate and they are all < 300 meters.