Mikrotik's Remote Radius Configuration

Here beneath a abrupt description on how to configure Mikrotik to assignment with Remote Radius by application the official apparatus Winbox.

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Mikrotik's alien ambit configuration
Under Ambit menù, bang on add button.
Enable / Disable hotspot service.
IP abode of ambit server.
Radius Aggregate Abstruse
Radius aggregate abstruse for ambit server. The RADIUS agreement does not address passwords in cleartext amid the NAS and RADIUS server (not alike with PAP protocol). Rather, a aggregate abstruse is acclimated forth with the MD5 hashing algorithm to conceal passwords.
Authentication Anchorage
UDP anchorage cardinal to use for ambit affidavit requests. Default anchorage is 1812.
Accounting Anchorage
UDP anchorage cardinal to use for ambit accounting requests. Default anchorage is 1813.
Timeout for alien ambit server. Set 2000ms.
Radius Admission Anchorage
Set ambit admission anchorage to 1700.

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Mikrotik's hotspot configuration
Under IP ? Hotspot menù baddest Servers tab and bang on Hotspot Setup.
Hotspot Interface
Ethernet interface to accept to. This is the arrangement interface which is aggregate amid the Clients. In a archetypal wireless agreement this should be set to radio interface.
Local Abode of Arrangement
IP arrangement abode of alien packet abstracts network. Acclimated to admeasure activating IP addresses to Clients and set up routing. Set to, the Clients will accept addresses starting from to The abode will be the advertisement IP.
Flag Masquerade Network.
Address Basin of Arrangement
Pool of IP addresses acclimated to be assigned to Clients. By absence IP basin is affected starting from antecedent setting.
Select Certificate
Certificate acclimated for data. Set none.
IP Abode of SMTP Server
SMTP Server. Set
DNS Server
DNS IP server address. It will be appropriate to the Clients. You should set (free Google DNS)

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Under IP ? Hotspot menù baddest Server Profiles tab.
Profile's name.
Hotspot Abode
Hotspot IP address.
HTML Directory
Directory absolute the HTML book of the Captive Portal.
Login by
Type of login supported. Set HTTP PAP & CHAP.
Enable / Disable alien ambit server management. Set Enable
MAC Format
MAC Format used. Set XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
NAS Port blazon
NAS Port blazon beatific to Radius. Set wireless-802.11

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Under IP ? Hotspot menù baddest Wall Garden tab.
The Wall Garden agreement allows the Users to admission at networks or alone IP addresses after authentication. It's a area area is accessible specify chargeless admission sites. The minimum agreement to alter Users to Captive Portal and abstracts to Radius Server is to acquiesce chargeless admission to both IP addresses of Radius Server and Captive Portal (if it doesn't resides on the aforementioned apparatus of Radius).
Dst. Abode
IP abode or arrangement to be accomplished after authentication.